my outdated technology


lets just say i am a uh 80s tech fetishist

this page will probably be in development hell for a while but..

(clock) radios

sony srf-a100

[pic here]

released sometime around 1983, supposedly fairly sought after for its AM receiver. hell if i know, i picked it up at the flea market for 5 bucks. looks cool though (which is like the reason i bought it). doesnt have the its a sony sticker or the case or strap :(

sony dream machine icf-c120 (white)

[pic here]

released in 1989 (according to your average cube clock radio with green lights. i bought it cause vintage and cool cube form factor. everything works though (it better for 6 dollars!). disassembled and cleaned off the thrift store gunk.

sony (seeing a pattern here?) dream machine icf-c10w (red)

[pic here]

released around 1984 (according to radiomuseum again), i think its one of the cooler sony cubes. from my understanding these were labeled as digicubes outside of the USA but i could very well be wrong. what pictures online dont show is the cool tactile feel of the top dial switching between modes and the wheel for volume and tuning. unfortunately mine doesnt have the volume wheel so no radio for me... the display is insanely cool though, hopefully i get another for parts (or even better, a c11w).

sony dream machine icf-c30w

[pic here]
i hate to be like this but honestly searching google images will probably be faster than getting an image on here

WOW this thing is sexy. i love the silver and black contrast and overall design, very classy and stylish. as usual, disassembled and cleaned (didnt poke around in this one much though, shit was expensive on ebay). polished the outer shell also. thankfully the radio works well but the 7-segment display tends to have sections that stay on :( hopefully its just something that i can clean since thats caused by electricity flowing to more segments than intended. pretty sure it uses the same clock display as the c10w... maybe one day a transplant will be in order. also i think this ends my quest for cube clocks, thrift stores have been drying up and this one's hard to beat... a truly bittersweet moment.


i dont see this category growing anytime soon, theres really no reason for me to buy more calculators (or any of these honestly).

texas instruments ti-35 plus

[pic here]

a vintage (again) calculator with a build date of 1986. the buttons have a real nice weight to them but that does mean that i have trouble with faster inputs. whatever. its reliable enough (not enough for me to use it on exams though) and has a somewhat unique style. missing the sliding cover (i think these came with one), works otherwise!

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